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Smart Glass technology

PDLC glass and film

PDLC glass and film

PDLC glass and film, also known as LCD glass, uses a liquid crystal layer, which changes its optical properties when voltage is applied. Simply turning the switch on or off turns transparent glass opaque. Such opaque surface can also be used as a projection screen. PDLC glass has many applications, but its main use is ensuring privacy and safety, as well as acting as a projection screen which will turn into transparent glass when the projection is over.

PDLC glass can be used both indoors and outdoors. Glass panels can be produced in sizes suitable for our clients’ purposes. The standard thickness (10.5 mm) can also be changed to meet the client’s requirements. Several panels can be installed alongside one another, creating large glass surfaces.

We also recommend PDLC film as a slightly cheaper alternative which can be installed indoors, in places where there is less risk of mechanical damage and less need for frequent cleaning. Both PDLC film and glass are a high quality, durable and visually striking element of interior design with a number of practical applications, which additionally provides high level of protection from UV radiation.


  • Museums, galleries and historic buildings – as projection screens which turn transparent once the projection is complete and do not block the view of the exhibition
  • Windows and doors
  • Office windows, screens and partition walls, conference room walls
  • Verandas, loggias, conservatories
  • Store windows which can be turned into projection screens
  • Partition walls, privacy screens
  • Shower cabins
  • Furniture
  • Information and advertisement screens
  • Alternative for computer monitors and multimedia projection screens
  • Elements of medical architecture, ensuring patient privacy and easy to keep clean