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Smart Glass technology

PDLC glass and film

PDLC adhesive film

PDLC adhesive film is a great solution for already finished interiors with little option to make significant changes. It is perfect for store windows as rear projection screens which turn transparent and invisible when the projection is over. They also work well in apartments as an unobtrusive alternative for projection screens, as well as in conference rooms as temporary screens. The film can be installed on the existing windows, doors, or glass partition walls, ensuring privacy when needed and revealing rooms when we want a more open looking space. One of the benefits of PDLC film is the possibility of only using it on a chosen section of the glass surface, which, in combination with a projector, will create an effect of a screen suspended in air.

Adhesive PDLC film can be up to 1500 mm wide, with the length up to 4500 mm (standard orders) or longer (please contact our consultants if longer film is required). If a greater surface is to be covered, several pieces of film will be used.

Availability ranges from 7 days (amounts of up to several square meters) to 30 days (larger orders).

The film can be cut to a desired shape, including irregular shapes with holes.

PDLC glass

PDLC glass has great potential for interior design, as it allows to divide rooms with partition walls which can be turned on or off, creating enclaves of privacy. It is a great solution both for office spaces, as conference room walls, and in private apartments as an interesting design element, opening space or hiding it from curious eyes. PDLC glass is composed of several layers, including elastic laminating film, and therefore it is a safer alternative to regular window glass, ensuring discretion but still keeping the room bright. In interiors that require a particularly high level of hygiene, such as medical facilities, PDLC glass will serve as a great replacement for curtains and blinds, combining patient privacy with incredible ease of keeping the room clean. Turned off (opaque) PDLC glass will also work as a high quality rear projection screen.

PDLC glass can be delivered within 21 days of placing an order, and in case of larger orders (more than approx. 10 m2) within up to 40 days. The maximum size of the glass panel is 1800 x3800 mm. If a larger glass panel is required, please contact our consultants.


Visual properties
Visible light transmission ON >80%
OFF 70%
Visual angle ON 150°
UV blocking OFF/ON >99%
Haze OFF 94%
ON 6%
Electrical properties
Operating voltage 43-48-65 VAC
Frequencies 50-60 Hz
Current 150 mA/m2
Response time ON → OFF 10 ms
OFF → ON 20 ms
Power consumption 7 W/m2
Durable temperature -30 °C to 100 °C
Life span >50000 hrs
Thickness 0.38 mm
UV resistance PDLC GLASS: highly resistant – additional laminating film protects PDLC film from UV radiation
Adhesive PDLC FILM: prolonged exposure to UV radiation may damage film